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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best age to start violin lessons?

The majority of our beginning students are around four or five years of age.


How do we choose the right teacher for my child?

By observing lessons of different teachers and ask questions and seeing how well their students play. Unfortunately, there aren't strict qualification guidelines as to who is qualified to teach. You will need to observe several teachers before deciding. It’s the same as choosing a right school for your child. 

Most students will study a stringed instrument from pre-school through high school. Therefore, be sure that your child studies with a qualified and competent teacher at every stage of his/her violin education. If you are paying for lessons, be sure you are getting the education that your child deserves.


Do you use the Suzuki method?

We are certified Suzuki instructors, so, yes, we do use the Suzuki philosophy and materials in our teaching. But most importantly, we strive to use ALL means to help each individual student to gain the most proficiency. There is no one method that fits every student. Every student is a method. 

Our focus is to produce highly competent and proficient individuals who will benefit from the discipline of technical and musical mastery while instilling the ability to apply those skills in other areas of our students' lives. 


Do you also use traditional methods?

Yes, we do. The art of violin playing has been around long before Dr. Suzuki recognized its benefits to very young children. 

The Suzuki repertoire generally uses folk songs and traditional pieces, mostly from the Baroque period. While it is a wonderful and well-organized repertoire, it is somewhat limited.

We supplement music from Classical, Romantic, and 20th century periods, in order for our students to benefit from a broad range of music.

We teach note reading to our students in early stages of their violin studies. We want our students to have the necessary music literacy as soon as possible, as it is crucial to their learning.   


Should I take lessons with my child?

It is recommended, but not necessary. It is hugely beneficial and inspiring for children to see their parents' commitment to their learning, while also giving you the knowledge to help them practice at home.


Should we rent or buy an instrument?

We recommend beginner students to rent an instrument until the student is fully committed to violin studies. Our rental program is unique in that 100% of the first 24-months of rental fees may be applied toward the purchase price of another instrument of equal or greater value.


How do you choose an instrument?

Choosing an instrument is a very personal matter. Consider the price and tonal quality of the instrument. Visit our shop and try multiple instruments before making a decision. 


Do you offer trade-ins for purchased instruments?

Yes, we accept trade-in instruments.

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